Sariri Terra is a dedicated Travel Marketing and Consultancy firm based in Latin America.

We represent a selection of some of the best tour operators (DMC's) and unique hotels & lodges, offering inspirational journeys across Africa, Europe & Middle East.


At Sariri Terra we specialise in tailoring our services to meet each of our client's needs and act as a bridge connecting unique hotels and DMC's across the countries we represent with the best tour operators and travel agencies in Central and South America.


We have extensive knowledge and experience in the luxury and bespoke travel industry and tour operations.
We fully understand the Latin American market and our focus is to bring our worlds closer and expand the knowledge of each destination with the aim of increasing occupancy and driving travelers to those destinations.



Sariri Terra has recently joined forces with our partner in Brazil Sylvia Pelegrini Intl. Sylvia Pelegrini has been working with the Brazilian market for over 18 years. Thanks to her knowledge and expertise, she has been advising Destination Management companies based in Europe, Latin America and Middle East since 2011 being responsible for creating luxury products and using innovative marketing within Latin America. Sylvia has since developed a distinguished reputation within the Brazilian tourism market and with strong ties to some of the best travel agents, tour operators and specialized media.  For more information on saririterra and our team please read here


Marketing  and Represention

Dedicated and personalised Travel Marketing and Representation Consultancy firm representing unique hotels & DMC’s across Africa, Europe & Middle East.

Latin America Based

Representing your business across Central and South America
with a multilingual representative able to communicate across time zones.

Knowledge & experience

Extensive knowledge & experience in the travel industry of luxury and bespoke tour operations and excellent understanding of the Latin American market.

Our Focus

Bringing our worlds closer and expanding the knowledge of the countries we represent with the aim to increase occupancy and drive travellers to those destinations.

  • “Andrea has a great ability to work independently and pro-actively, which is so important for an overseas-based representative”
    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.54.35

    Craig Smith , CEO, New Frontiers
  • “Fue muy provechoso para nosotros y para los vendedores de Falabella la capacitación hecha por ti tan clara e informativa sobre los destinos en Africa de los cuales conocemos tan poco, como Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, etc.”

    Veronica Rioseco , General Manager - Kangaroo Tours
  • “Muchas gracias por tu visita y tu maravillosa charla! Me encanta la gente apasionada por lo que hace!! Realmente así lo sentí contigo”
    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.54.35

    Gustavo Schwindt , Director, Viajes Memorables Luxury Bespoke Tours Argentina
  • “Después de tan buena charla nos quedamos todos con ganas de conocer Sudáfrica!”

    Gabriela V. , Departamento Viajes en Armonía
  • “Well done Andrea a great effort, well organised indeed and I do appreciate all your hard work on our behalf”

    Nigel Vere Nicoll , Chief Executive - Atta African Travel & Tourism Association
  • Listening to your presentation on Southern Africa was inspiring!

    Adriana Frugone , G.S.A. South African Airways, Chile
  • “Una nota para agradecerte tu maravillosa presentación y ánimo junto a toda la energía que agregas ¡!!! fue súper informativa , entretenida y completa
    Todo ese conocimiento ¡! , muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotros , estoy segura que será de gran provecho para todos esos vendedores que quedaron maravillados con todo lo que puede ofrecer Africa.”

    Verónica Rioseco I. , Kangaroo Tours Chile
  • “Obrigado à você mais uma vez ! Excelente treinamento !” /
    “Muito obrigado pela apresentação. Eu achei bem proveitoso e só tenho elogios a fazer”

  • “Gracias a ti por incluirnos en la invitación a participar de la exelente explicación sobre un destino de maravilla”

    Reynaldo Valenzuela , Ventas - Emete, Bolivia
  • Andrea is one of the most professional persons I´ve ever met in my 22 years in this industry.
    Her passion and dedication for Africa and especially for Kenya are remarkable.

    Diego Disabato , General Manager, South African Airways South America
  • Thank you to Andrea for her professionalism, I know we can count on her always!

    Lilian Albernaz , Kangaroo Tours Brazil
  • Quiero agradecerte la excelente capacitación sobre Australia que nos has dado la semana pasada!

    Florencia Perez Aspillaga , Product Manager Oceania & Exotics │LATAM TRAVEL
  • Excellent help that Andrea gave us, very good professional!
    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.53.11

    Juan Pablo Tavella , Asesor Comercial - TTS Viajes
  • “Professional approach, incredible work ethic, approachable personality and creative eye”
    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.54.35

    Craig Smith , CEO, New Frontiers
  • “Andrea’s experience as a product manager and consultant means that she understand both the supplier chain and the sales process, which gives a valuable perspective”
    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 14.54.35

    Craig Smith , CEO, New Frontiers






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