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Andrea Director at Sariri Terra

Andrea Landaeta

With over 16 years experience in the travel industry, and valuable experience and research in over 60 countries around the world, Andrea’s passion for hospitality and travel started in South America working for exclusive hoteliers. In 2000 she moved to the UK where she finished her studies in Travel & Tourism, Marketing and Web development and started working for a luxury tour operator. She held the position of Communications Manager, responsible for the sales and marketing teams, development and management of ground organizations in Central and South America, Antarctica, Asia and Southern Africa.

Andrea was born in Chile, raised in Venezuela and educated in Switzerland and England. She has lived all over the world including the U.S., Asia (Cambodia & Indonesia), New Zealand and Australia. She has family in Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, U.S. & England and is fluent in Spanish, English, and German (Swiss German) with a good understanding of Portuguese, Italian and French.

Andrea has a deep rooted passion for travel; exploring new cultures, meeting new people, learning languages and religions. She has walked remote paths and taken far journeys. With this diverse background and upbringing, all these ingredients set the inspiration for Sariri Terra; to be the bridge that brings worlds closer together, to help our partners make their clients’ journeys unforgettable ones.Contact Andrea

Maria Bravo

Maria Bravo

 “Travelling…. leaves you speechless” Discovering new places, people and cultures expand our minds and record through our eyes thousands of images we enjoy when we look back and relive those moments. We share these life experiences with other people via story-telling and showing photographs, reliving each day over and over again. What I love the most is learning about cultures & people, hearing what they talk about, how they dress, what they eat, learning about their dreams, their surroundings and spending hours just watching the world go by and how life is lived in other parts of the world… and when you can make a connection with those people, that connection will stay with you forever!

Maria studied psychopedagogy at Universidad Austral de Chile before moving to Switzerland where she studied Arts and Chinese Calligraphy.  Her passion for travel also started in Switzerland where she travelled Europe and Northern Africa extensively. Back in Venezuela she worked for a Tour Operator in the UK and was in charge of VIP clients travelling to South America. Through her work she has travelled Central and South America, where she also gained great understanding of the different countries, people, cultures, travel and tourism. But her passion for travel did not stop there, some of her great adventures have taken her to visit Indochina and China including Tibet, New Zealand and Southern Africa in the past few years. Maria speaks fluent Spanish and French, with a good understanding of English.

Maria is also the founder of SUYAI MUNDO, a charity for helping children in rural and poor parts of the world READ MORE about the Charity Suyai we support Contact Maria



Sylvia Pelegrini

Sylvia discovered her passion for tourism in 1997 and has since gathered over 18 years of experience working as an operations and product manager for luxury tour operators in Brazil developing products for destinations such as Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With all this experience and knowledge gained she has advised Destination Management companies based in Europe, Latin America and Middle East since 2011 and has been responsible for creating luxury products and using innovative marketing within Latin America. Sylvia has visited over 54 countries, speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English and has excellent understanding of Italian and French.

A law graduate, Sylvia’s experiences travelling, seeing conservation projects in person and meeting people from around the world has literally changed her life.

She has since developed a distinguished reputation within the Brazilian tourism market and with strong ties to some of the best travel agents, tour operators and specialized media.

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