Story behind the name

What does the name Sariri mean?

“Sariri” means “Traveller” in Aymara, an ancient indigenous language of Peru in South America.  The inspiration and story behind the name comes from Andrea’s grandfather who was born in the land of the Aymara people (Lake Titicaca) and left at a young age to explore the Andean mountains in search of new land, people and cultures.

He travelled for many months by horse from Peru to Chile arriving in Valdivia, the Chilean Lake District, and what would become our family home to this very day. His adventures didn’t end there as later in life, together with his two best friends, he set off in a 1934 Ford Cabriolet travelling from Chile to Venezuela (photo below), where Andrea spent most of her young life and where her passion for travel was ignited.

His stories marked Andrea’s life and his journeys inspired her travels to unknown lands.

Travelling from Chile to Venezuela..
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